bodrum castle and underwater museum

Bodrum Castle and Underwater Museum

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide

Bodrum Castle and Underwater Museum

The castle of St Peter (Bodrum Castle) is built on a rocky peninsula named Zephyria, situated between two bays. The Knights of St. John of Rhodes came to this region which had been inhabited by various people for millenniums and began to build their own castle on the promontory in 1402. The Vatican accorded great importance to the construction of this casttle. The Vatican has sent the Christans to build it. In 1409, the Pope issued a circular declaring that anyone who worked on it would guarantee their place in heaven.

With the completion of ramparts in 1437, the casttle was finished and following Rhodes. It was the most strategically important point for the knights who at the same time built a watchtower on a hill opposite the castle overlooking the bay.

Bodrum Underwater Archaelogy Museum

Bodrum Underwater Archaelogy Museum is housed in the castle built by the Knights of St. John. Nearly all the castle’s towers are today in use as museum display areas.

Without spoiling the castle’s atmosphere, new structures have been built inside to expand display space and house special exhibits such as Serçe harbour and Uluburun Shipwrecks.

Another of the exhibits well-worth visiting is that of the Carian Princess Ada who ascended to the throne after the death of King Mausolus and whose tomb was discovered in 1989 complete with many valuable possessions of the princess, including her perfectly preserved gold crown.

Considered by Time Magazine to be one of the 10 most important archaeological discoveries of the century, the world’s oldest known shipwreck is the ” Uluburun Wreck “. It is on display in the Bodrum Underwater Archaelogy Museum. It is the one of the most important of its kind anywhere.

Zeki Müren Museum

The house of Zeki Müren, one of the greatest ever composers and singers of Turkish classical music. He spent the last years of his life in Bodrum. His stage costumes, paintings by him, awards and many other memntos of his life have been turned into a museum exhibiting. The museum is located downtown near the sea on Zeki Müren Street.

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This is an ancient city of the Lelegians, considered the earliest inhabitants of Carian region. It is situated in the Gökçeler neighbourhood of the Konacık district to north of Bodrum town. Visitors to the site will see the remains of tombs and walls that were perfectly constructed with outstanding stone craftsmanship. A pleasant green walking path winds through Pedesa. It is bequeathed to Bodrum by the Lelegians. It is one of the region’s oldest heritage sites.

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Archaelogical surveys have found Lelegian-period ramparts and settlement remains on the upper northern slopes and around the peak of Aspat hill. Military and agriculture structures have been found dating from the time of these earlist inhabitants of the peninsula on Strobilos (Aspat). It became an important commercial port and military base for Byzantine Empire in west Anatolia. It was the one of the several ports opened for trading with Venice which indicates there must have been considerable shipping traffic in the region.

Myndos Gate

When the ruler of the day, Mausolus, moved the state’s capital to Halicarnassus in 337 B.C. He built 7 kms long ramparts around the city. Access to the city through these very sound walls was via two gates on the east and west sides. The walls were damaged during the siege of Alexander the Great and the big Anatolian earthquake. Portions at the western entrance have been restored and can be seen today in the open-air museum on the site.

The Maritime Museum

The origins of seafaring in Bodrum date back to Antiquity and even as far back as the Bronze Age. Information and artefacts relating to the evolution of this vital aspect of Bodrum’s economic and social life are exhibited in the Maritime Museum in downtown Bodrum. Here, you can delve into Bodrum’s maritime history and see many models of “Bodrum type” boats, as well as enjoy one of the world’s largest shell collections.

Lelegian Tholos Tomb

This tomb is thought to have been built for their king by Caria’s- Bodrum’s first inhabitants, the Lelegians. More than 3000 years old, this tomb in the form of a tumulus overlooks the bay of Torba. The main reason it has survived to the present is the superior building skills and stone masonry of the Lelegian craftmen. Upon visiting the site, you will be struck by how Torba bay is under the surveillance of an ancient Leleg king. The Lelegians played an important role in Bodrum’s past. Their culture influencing the peninsula and the wider Aegean region and further traces of their lives await discovery.


Kilisebükü bay is named for the Byzantine church (kilise in Turkish) on its shore. ıt is one o f the main anchorages on a Blue Cruise out of Bodrum. There are many other ruins around the bay which the remote location, long inaccessible by road, has preserve. Diving is forbidden in the bay.

Visited only by yacht. This bay is one of the rare places still retaining its natural assets and wealth. As the gateway to the Gulf of Gökova, Kilisebükü has special importance as a key to sustainable yachting tourism. This is an incomparable bay which Nature’s touch has endowed with great beauty. Also containing remains from Byzantine, Ottoman and hellenistic periods.


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