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Places to Visit with Yacht Tours in Bodrum

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide

Places to Visit with Yacht Tours in Bodrum

Bodrum; It is not a place to be seen or saturated in a snap during your holiday time during the summer months. This beautiful holiday paradise, where you will witness another beauty every time, welcomes its visitors not only with its sea and sun but also with its natural beauties. Starting from near Güvercinlik, this peninsula, which is separated from Anatolia and inserted into the Aegean Sea, is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to holiday. Bodrum, where you can enjoy both nightlife and free holiday, attracts many tourists from abroad with the entertainment and visual diversity it offers to its guests.

Bodrum and its surroundings, which are generally preferred by German and British holiday lovers, cannot be underestimated by domestic tourists. However, there are so many places to visit and see in Bodrum, where so many guests visit during the short summer season that it is not possible to see and visit them all in one snap. The best way to visit and enjoy these places in Bodrum, which is surrounded by many bays and small islands due to its geographical location, is the blue tours you will take as a day trip or long-term accommodation. So where will you find this service. Of course, Places to Visit with Yacht Tours in Bodrum will help you in this regard. With our blue tours consisting of bays, bends and islands, you can easily visit the surroundings of Bodrum and witness natural wonders.

Where to visit with boat trips in Bodrum ?

Places to Visit with Yacht Tours in Bodrum. It allows you to witness all the beauties of the peninsula on blue tours. Well, which bays and islands await you, what you will find in which bays, you have the most natural right to learn about them. Let’s take a look at these bays, bends and islands.

  • Kissebükü Bay; When you go towards the south-east of the Bodrum peninsula, you will encounter Kissebükü Bay, which is the apple of the eye of blue tours. The term BÜK, which is the name we attach to the slightly smaller state of the bays, suits here the most. Although this bay, which is still untouched, is accessible by land, this journey is not recommended because you will have a very challenging driving experience. Kissebükü bay, which welcomes you with its immaculate sea and untouched greenery, offers you an unforgettable view.
  • Dangır Bay; Dangır Bay, located within the borders of Yalıçiftlik, which is located to the west of KisseBükü Bay, has a very large opening. This bay, which is also accessible by land, will host you with its clean sea nature where you can do any sea sports you wish.
  • Kargıcak Bay; When you go a little further west, this bay, which has a cooler sea than the other bays of Bodrum, offers you the opportunity to swim with its untouched nature and offers you a delicious environment where you can spend the night if you wish.
  • Orak Island; This island, which has quite a lot of indentations and protrusions, is located in the Gulf of Gökova and off the coast of Yalıçiftlik. Orak Island, which is generally preferred by diving enthusiasts, offers underwater riches with its diving area in the south.
  • German Bay; Although it is not known why the name is German Bay, this bay, which is only accessible by sea, is very close to Papuç Cape. Perhaps the lack of land transport may have ensured that the bay can still remain untouched.
  • Black Island; Black Island, which is actually a private property, is a place that can be visited without charge. You only need to respect the environment on the Black Island, where the owners do not set any fees or rules. It attracts attention with its clean sea and suitability for diving as in other Aegean regions.
  • Aquarium Bay; Almost every holiday resort in the Aegean Sea has an aquarium bay. However, this bay you will encounter on this blue cruise will make you feel like you are really in an aquarium. The sea is as transparent as glass, whether you are in the sea or on the boat, it offers you a clear view of the underwater life.

Places to Visit with Boat Tours in Bodrum Reservation

So how will you travel around these bays? First of all, what you need to do is to get information about the bays and our boats by entering our website. You can plan blue tours with Luxury Boats, Motor Yachts and Gulets as day tours and long-term accommodation. After examining our boats and yachts on our website, you can make your blue cruise planning by calling our organisation officer and if you wish, you can complete your 2023 holiday with the boats of your choice. You can make your 2023 summer holiday by calling us now to take advantage of early booking discounts.


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