bodrum private boat charter

Bodrum Private Boat Charter

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide

Bodrum Private Boat Charter

Bodrum private boat charter is the gate of freedom in sea holiday. Bodrum is one of the leading destinations of yacht and boat tourism not only in Turkey but also in the world. In Bodrum, you can rent a boat daily or you can get boat rental service with accommodation and weekly. Both options differ from each other in some respects. Prices also vary according to the service you will receive.

You should definitely prefer the boat rental service in Bodrum, where only you and your loved ones, all hygiene measures are taken, and the boats are carefully disinfected.

When it comes to Bodrum, do not think of such overly expensive prices. There is a boat for every pocket and every taste in Bodrum. You can rent a boat for 1000 lira per day or you can rent a boat for 10 thousand lira per day. You can explore the most beautiful bays of Bodrum with Bodrum boat hire service. In short, Bodrum charter boat and Bodrum charter yacht alternatives are quite varied. Of course, you can also evaluate our Bodrum gulet charter alternatives.

Where Do Bodrum Private Boat Tours Go?

The route travelled in our Bodrum private yacht charter and boat rental services is shaped according to your wishes. With Bodrum charter boat service, you can stay in any bay you wish as long as you wish, depending on the availability of the weather. Our general route alternatives are as follows.


  • Adabogazi Bay
  • Aspat Bay
  • Camel Beach
  • Aquarium Bay
  • Bagla Bay


  • Karaada
  • Aquarium Poyraz Bay
  • Kizilburun
  • Rabbit Cape
  • Diver’s Nose


  • Sickle Island
  • German Bay
  • Kizilburun
  • Rabbit Cape

But we need to open a separate parenthesis for Route 3 here. Orak Island is about 2 hours away from Bodrum. It takes 2 hours with big boats or boats with powerful engines. If you are a small group and want to go to Orak Island by small boat, the journey will take about 4 hours one way. This will negatively affect the tour and kill your day. If you want to rent a big boat in Bodrum and go with a big boat, the price will naturally increase a little more. When considering Bodrum boat hire and routes, we kindly ask you not to ignore the issue of Bodrum Orak Island.

Prices for Bodrum Private Boat Charter 2024

In general terms, these are the bays you will go to when you get Bodrum yacht and boat hire service. In our Bodrum daily boat rental services, lunch is included in the price and you can bring your own drinks from outside. We provide you with cooking and service. Bodrum yacht charter and Bodrum boat hire prices are generally applied in this way. Boat hire prices in Bodrum can also vary according to the type, quality, number of people and period of the boat.


For example, if you get Bodrum gulet charter service, pHow to Book a Private Boat Trip in Kalkanrices can start from 2000 liras per day and go up to 10 thousand 15 thousand liras depending on the quality of the gulet you rent. Likewise, Bodrum motor yacht charter service is not very cheap. Motor yachts can burn a lot of fuel due to the engines they use. For this reason, the biggest expense item of Bodrum yacht charter service can be fuel and this is reflected in the prices. In short, boat hire prices in Bodrum are divided into daily and weekly. However, as you can rent a boat for a minimum of 400 euro, the amount you can pay can go up to 1000 euro and 2000 euro per day.

For Bodrum boat charter, Bodrum yacht charter, Bodrum gulet charter alternatives, you can view our boats from above or you can contact us directly at the number above. We can offer you Bodrum charter boat alternatives for you and give you price information quickly.


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