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Bodrum Boat Hire

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide


Bodrum boat hire is with our luxurious and comfortable boat specially allocated for you and your loved ones, you can cruise in the unique sea of Bodrum, go to the bay of your choice, have fun by organising organisations on your boat or enjoy the day by sunbathing calmly. In short, a day where you can do it all is waiting for you, our valued guests. If you want to join this pleasant journey and spend a day with your loved ones in a way you will never forget.

Our Bodrum Boat Charter service will be just for you. You can read the rest of our article to learn more about our service. With our boat hire service, you are likely to feel like the master of the seas all day long. An unforgettable day awaits you no matter which of our boats & yachts of various sizes with dozens of different features and suitable for every budget. For this reason, you will definitely understand at the end of the day how lucky you are to benefit from our Boat Charter service.

Our Bodrum Boat Charter service starts with taking you from your hotels at the time we have specified and bringing you to the harbour where our boat is located. Here you will be invited to your boat in style after meeting our friendly and professional teammates who will strive for the comfort of our valued guests during your boat tour. If you are ready on your boat, it means that we can start this unique journey. There is no clear route during the boat hire service. Your route depends on you if weather and sea conditions are suitable. You can visit the unique bays of Bodrum and enjoy the sea here.

Moreover, the break limitations in our other Bodrum Boat Tour trips are not available in this service. You can spend time in the bay of your choice as you wish. Our captain will of course help you when you want to get advice about the route and discover the places worth seeing in Bodrum. During the tour period, you are free to organise your birthday, wedding anniversary, bachelor’s and bachelorette organisations as you wish. If you inform us about your organisations in advance, we also provide you with the service of decorating your boat according to your concept before you reach the boat. You can also request activities such as DJ, animator, dancer that can accompany your organisations.

During our Boat Charter service, while travelling, swimming and sunbathing during the day, you should of course have snacks, drinks and delicious meals to make these moments even more beautiful. For this reason, we prepare delicious meals and snacks specially for our valued guests in the kitchen of our boat. If you specify how many people will participate in your tour at the reservation stage before you benefit from our Boat Charter service, we can prepare the menus you want specially for you and your guests. In short, you will reach the holiday you deserve with a day specially designed for your comfort and pleasure


If you are going to benefit from our Bodrum Boat Charter service, we can give you the following advice:

  • You may prefer to swim a lot during the day. For this reason, we recommend that you bring items such as swimwear, towels or sea shoes and slippers to use when you go to the shores of the bays.
  • We also recommend that you bring sunglasses, sun hat and sun cream to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • You may want to immortalise every moment of this unforgettable day and share it with your friends. For this reason, we recommend that you make sure that your phone and camera are fully charged.


Boat rental fees vary according to the boat features, concept, category and number of people. The fee you need to pay for a pleasant day you can spend as you wish on the unique sea of Bodrum varies according to the boats & yachts you prefer and the services you want in addition to our service. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us to tell you the most appropriate and correct fee. We are happy to serve our valued guests as Bodrum Boat Charter service.


  • How many days can boats be rented in Bodrum?

Rentals can be daily or weekly. This situation varies according to the type of boat. Daily private tour boats max. 7 hours tour. Small 2,3 cabin boutique gulets min. 2 days can be rented with accommodation. Large blue cruise gulets are only on tour for 6 or 7 days.

  • How Can We Find The Best Price For Bodrum Daily Boat Charter?

By contacting us, our representative friends will offer the most suitable boat for you in line with your demands. As Renklitatil team, we work with local boat owners in the region where you will rent. For this reason, we have many boat options suitable for every budget.

  • How is the Payment Process in Bodrum Daily Boat Charters?

Of the total price of the boat you will reserve, 50% of the prepayment 50% is made as payment at the entrance on the tour date. Prepayments are by EFT-Transfer, but you can complete the remaining fee in cash or by the same payment method.

  • How is the Payment Process in Bodrum Gulet Charters?

Of the total price of the gulet you will reserve, 40% of the prepayment is made as prepayment and 60% as payment at the entrance on the tour date. Prepayments are by EFT-Transfer, but you can complete the remaining fee in cash or by the same payment method.

  • What are the Entry and Exit Times on Bodrum Weekly Tours?

When the day you booked arrives; boarding time starts from 15:30. On the last day, exit from the boat at 10:00 after breakfast in the morning

  • Can Daily or Weekly Boats Be Chartered Without Captain?

All the boats we work with are rented with captain and crew.



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