gocek motor yacht charter

Gocek Motor Yacht Charter

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide

Gocek Motor Yacht Charter

Gocek motor yacht charter is the best way for private boat holiday. Gocek, located at the foot of the pine-covered mountains in the Gulf of Fethiye, is located in a position overlooking the 12 Islands. Göcek, which has just started to develop in the field of tourism, has a very well-known marina in the world. Located approximately 30 kilometres from Dalaman Airport, Göcek marina is a place at the centre of attention of tourists. There are different yachts in this region where yacht tourism is intense. In addition, those who want to make a Göcek boat tour can visit the businesses in this region and watch the natural beauties of Göcek closely. Göcek; It is very suitable for yachting with its geographical structure and safe sea. Göcek, located in the Fethiye district of Muğla, is also home to special species. You can have a pleasant time with Göcek boat tour, which is a place frequently preferred by local and foreign people who want to make a blue cruise.

Gocek Boat Tour

You can enjoy the wind blowing, impressive nature and plenty of sunshine by travelling by boat in Göcek. You will fall in love with nature with Göcek boat tour services where you can witness the unique natural beauties of the region and the turquoise colour of the sea. You will get rid of all the troubles and find peace with the sparkling sun and the natural life of Göcek. You will have a pleasant time with your friends and meet with the beauties of nature while you are on a Göcek boat tour. In Gocek, a magical place where the turquoise sea and the green forest meet, you will experience the moment in the best way and get rid of all your stress. There are many beaches and marinas in Göcek, one of the natural harbours of Fethiye. The most preferred bay for blue cruise is İncirli Bay. You can have a unique rest opportunity in Göcek, which you will admire with its magnificent view. There are many islands and bays around Göcek. In Göcek, where there are many islands such as Tersane, Domuz, Yassıca, Rabbit, Katrancık, there are also many bays such as Doruklu, Günlüklü, Boynuz Bükü, Sıralı, Manastır, Göbün. By taking a boat tour of Göcek, you can examine the special beauty of each island and bay and enjoy the sea in the most beautiful way. You can create ideal sightseeing routes with Göcek boat tours, which are also very suitable for families with children.

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