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Pamukkale Hierapolis Aphrodisias

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide

Pamukkale, Hierapolis and Aphrodisias

Pamukkale is a famous wonder of nature. Unusual architecture created by water. The water pools are naturally painted to white and spread around a wide area, stalactites hanging down and the travertine are worth seeing. It is only 19 kms from Denizli. Next to it, there is the city of Hierapolis. The Pamukkale Museum which is also the bath of ancient city must be visited, either before or after the city tour. There is a road with ancient columns and shops on both sides. The theatre is in good condition. The church was devoted to St. Philip, one of the disciples of Jesus. There is the Domitian vault at the end of the street. Bath remains are seen everywhere. The necropolis (tombs) spreads out 2 kms.

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5 kms after Pamukkale. The healing waters of the village have the same characteristics with Pamukkale. The qualified thermal hotels of region are also here. The water here paints its bed terracotta colour, different than in Pamukkale.

Pamukkale underground

Going from Denizli towards Afyon, take a left at Kaklık district and enter the cement factory road and 6 kms further ahead you will end up at Kaklık Cave. You will see a small sample of Pamukkale travertine in the cave which is open to tourist This is indeed quite an impressive sight.


This is the ancient settlement archeologist Kenan Erim dedicated his life to. Erim’s grave is here. It is an extraordinary place. On the İzmir – Denizli road youu need to follow the sign around Kuyucak. There is a museum at the entrance of ruins, 37 kms away from the main road. You should pay a visit to his museum. There is a theatre for 10,000 people leaning against the acropolis. There are Hadrianus Baths next to the square, a gymnasium at the south and a Byzantine church with two courtyard. There are also bath buildings devoted to Hadrian and Aphrodite. The Odean is next to the Agora. The impressive Aphrodite Temple with 14 of its columns still standing. To the east of the temple, there is the Tetra pylon monumental entrance gate. It is the biggest stadium of all Anatolian ancient cities and it is also the one that survived the best. Its dimensions are 362m x 59m and its capacity is for 30,000 people.

Milas, Bafa, Lake, Herakleia, Didyma, Priene, Miletos, Kuşadası, Efes

Milas through Muğla, Yatağan Stratonikeia and Lagina Ancient Cities at the exit of Yatağan. There are museums and monuments in Milas. Beçin Casttle is close by Bafa Lake road. The ruins of Iassos on the coast of Güllük inlet. Euromos ruins are close to the Milas-Bafa road. Breakfast or lunch on the bank of the lake. Didymaion Temple after visiting Didim altınkum. Kuşadası through Söke. Gözelçamlı National Park around Davutlar for those who can spare the time. A tour of Kuşadası town centre and then to Ephesus. You will need at least 3 – 4 hours for the city tour and the House of Mary.

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