boat tours in bodrum

Boat Tours in Bodrum

January 9, 2024 | BLOG - Boat Guide

Boat Tours in Bodrum

Boat tours in Bodrum general Information, When it comes to boat tours in Bodrum, you should know that there are different alternatives. While some boats offer an all-inclusive concept with appetizers, lunch and unlimited drinks, some boats only serve lunch. In some boat tours, entertainment programs such as foam parties are organized, while in others it is in the form of sea pleasure on the boat in a calmer environment.

In addition, since the Bodrum peninsula is spread over a very large area and contains many holiday resorts, there is not a boat tour opportunity everywhere. However, there are boat tours that you can participate in mixed groups and private boat tours are organized in some towns. We texted the detailed information about the boat trips in Bodrum and the locations where you can join a boat tour, you can get detailed information from our boat tour special detail pages and make your reservation through reliable agencies.

Where does the boat tour depart from in Bodrum?

Boat tours in Bodrum are usually organized from a few places where local and foreign tourists are concentrated during the season. The most intense and popular of these is the daily boat tour called Bodrum Boat Tour, which is made from the Halicarnassus harbor pier in the center of Bodrum.

  • The Orak Island Boat Tour is also popular.
  • The second popular place for boat tours in Bodrum is the Gumbet holiday resort. It is called Gumbet Boat Tour. In addition to Bodrum and Gumbet Boat Tour, for those who want a more fun and themed boat tour, there is Bodrum Pirate Boat Tour departing from Bodrum center.
  • Bodrum Foam Party Boat Tour (Party Boat) departing from Gumbet and Fishing Tour.
  • Apart from these, boat tours are also organized in Yalikavak and Turgutreis, which are other popular holiday resorts, but since the tours here are private boat tours, you have to rent the boat. We can say that it is suitable for those who want a boat tour for a group of friends and family. For those who do not have a vacation near the locations mentioned above or for summer residents, agencies organizing boat tours provide pick-up service from the hotel / summer house and drop-off service at the end of the tour.

Bodrum Boat Tour Prices

Boat tour prices in Bodrum may vary depending on the service provided, the boat tour route and duration, as well as the peak season (holiday holidays, etc.). In a normal summer season, Bodrum boat tour price varies around 250-300 TL per person.

How to make boat tours in Bodrum

Daily boat tours in Bodrum usually start at 10.00-11.00 in the morning and end at 18.00-19.00 in the evening. They usually depart from Bodrum center and Gumbet, but free two-way transfer service is offered for holidaymakers staying in hotels in other holiday resorts. During the boat tour, vacationers enjoy the beautiful bays and can swim in the sea during the breaks. There are various routes for boat tours in Bodrum with catered or all-inclusive options. The most preferred boat tours follow the route of Karaada, Cleopatra Hot Water Cave, swimming in Aquarium Bay, Meteor Pit, Poyraz Bay and Rabbit Cape. During the boat tour, there are breaks for eating and swimming.

What are the 3 most popular boat trips in Bodrum?

Bodrum All Inclusive Boat Tour departing from the Halicarnassus pier in the center of Bodrum, Gumbet Boat Tour departing from the town of Gumbet, which is right next to the center of Bodrum, and Orak Island Boat Tour departing from Gumbet are among the most preferred daily boat tours departing from Bodrum.


What is the typical schedule of boat tours departing from Bodrum?

Typical boat tours visit the beautiful bays and beaches in Bodrum and the surrounding area, where you have the opportunity to sunbathe, swim, enjoy the sea and have fun with music all day long. Some tours offer an all-inclusive concept with appetizers, lunch and unlimited drinks, while others only offer lunch. Again, in some boat tours, entertainment programs such as foam parties are organized. Boat tours departing from Bodrum harbor usually visit places such as Karaada Hot Water Cave, Aquarium Poyraz Bay, Kumluk, Kızılburun and Rabbit Cape. Boat tours departing from Gumbet visit places such as Adaboğazı, Rabbit Island, Camel Beach, Aquarium Bay and Ladies Bay.

Where do the boats leave from?

Daily boat trips in Bodrum usually depart from Halicarnassus harbor in the center of Bodrum and from the pier in Gumbet harbor, a popular holiday resort right next to Bodrum. There are also tours from the towns of Yalikavak and Turgutreis with your private rented boat.

What is the price of a daily boat trip in Bodrum?

Boat tour prices vary according to the route, service and season. The typical daily boat tour price offered in the all-inclusive concept from Bodrum center and Gumbet is approximately 30-40 euros per person.

How long is the boat trip?

A typical day boat tour from Bodrum center and Gumbet usually starts around 11:00 in the morning and ends around 17:30 in the evening.


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